About Us




Webworkz was founded by Rendt and Jerry.

We have been involved in many aspects of web design, online services and IT in addition to years of engagement in Not-for-Profit organisations, Conservation, Small Business, Fundraising, Psychotherapy, Teaching, Social Services and more...

We bring all the above experience to this creative work and strive to make your experience with us pleasant and hassle-free.

We are both passionate about the world we live in and the people in it.

Webworkz is based in the Auckland area.


How long will it take to launch?

We aim to launch most sites within 4 weeks.

More complex sites may take longer.

You can speed the process by having your content ready to go.

Can you redesign an existing website?

Absolutely! It gives us great pleasure to improve your online presence and help you achieve your goals.

What happens after the website is launched?

Once your website is launched, and whether or not you subscribe to a maintenance plan, we will provide 30 days of support to make sure any wrinkles have been ironed out, and that you are confident using your new website.

To ensure ongoing support and maintenance, please subscribe to our Maintenance Plan.

Hosting and maintenance for one year is included for free in all our new website packages.

Can I make my own changes to the completed site?

Yes you can.

We can provide you with access to the website backend and basic training on how to make content changes.

How do we work together?

The design process begins with an initial consultation to establish business goals and aspirations for the website. We encourage you to research websites that you are drawn to, in order for us to get an idea of how you want to present yourself. We specialise in clear, uncluttered, easy to read websites.

We can suggest layouts that best present you and your business.

You create the initial content, words and images.

The words and images should express your business and present the image you are trying to create. We recognise that this can be the most challenging part of the process. Whilst we can offer to collaborate with content to a degree and offer suggestions in line with our expertise in SEO and provide a limited search for images, ultimately you are the only expert when it comes to presenting your business.

If you have selected the E-Commerce online-store option, you need to provide us with images and a description of the products/services you are offering for sale.

We will lay out your page(s) based on the above. The site is not publicly visible at this stage. You will have access to the prototype (the ‘staging site’).

We allow for 2 design changes as we know that the visualisation may not pan out in reality and tweaks may be necessary. We would not expect a major rewrite at this stage.

The whole process should take no longer than 10 working days for 1-Page and Standard (5 page) websites, if you can give us prompt feedback. Online Business websites may take a little longer depending on the complexity you require.

How can I get good Google results?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) encompasses a range of techniques that encourage search engines, like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo, to rank your site higher on their list of search results. Whether that is important to you depends on how much you rely on such ‘organic search traffic’ to bring visitors to your site.

Factors that affect how well your site performs depends on, but is not limited to, 

  • Clear, logical, well-written text with sequential headings.
  • Informative content that represents value to visitors. 
  • Functional links within your site, off-site linking, and being linked to by other important sites.
  • Excellent server response time.
  • How well your competitors’ sites perform.
  • Use of a secure server (https protocol).

Getting good SEO results takes a well-designed website that has to be tailored in a search-engine friendly way. Each page should have informative content relevant to what your potential clients will search for. If you want to learn more, you could start here.

Another approach to getting found is to opt for paid advertising with the likes of Google and Facebook that delivers you qualified leads with pay-per-click billing.

How can I tell who is visiting my website?

We will install Google Analytics software on your new website and show you how to log into your account where you can see a wide range of statistics about your website including number of visits, pageviews, source of traffic, and the amount of time people are spending on your website.

After subscribing to our website care plan, you will also receive more detailed analysis of your website performance with an interpretation of the numbers along with recommendations on how to improve.

Can you provide images?

We can advise you on sourcing images.

We can perform some image manipulation, but you may prefer a graphic designer for more involved tasks. We can recommend one for you.

We don’t offer a photographic service, though we can recommend a professional photographer.

The Design Process