Website Design Pre-Questionnaire

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The essential elements of a modern, successful website design

 A mobile-friendly, responsive design that’s compatible with all modern browsers.
 Rich content that tells a story and enhances good, basic SEO.
 Secure with an SSL certificate (https) and software that protects you and your visitors.
 Fast-loading in 3 seconds or less in all browsers.
 Uses effective Calls-to-Action that are targeted and provide a return on your investment.

We make sure that your site has all of these elements upon launch, and that they stay in place and updated after your launch.

Please be as detailed as possible when filling out this questionnaire. The more information you provide now, the faster you can receive an accurate quote for the cost of your website design.

Once we receive your answers to this questionnaire, we will be in touch with you for more specific details about your project.

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(We choose 1-2 non-profits per year to donate our time for website design and development.)

Or start with a Strategic Plan

Not ready to jump in at the deep end yet? For a manageable fee, you can commission us to put together a strategic plan that lays out the building blocks of how you should proceed. With us, someone else, or by yourself.

Plan your website strategically with a results-based plan.