How to Plan a New Website

Get it right from the outset.

Giving attention to how to plan a new website is critical. Not surprisingly, developing an effective website starts with a plan. A framework that’s a good foundation for your success. And while everyone begins with that basic foundation, everyone finishes with something tailored specifically to their customer needs: a results oriented website design.

That’s right. Your website is not about you … it’s about your customers. Of course, you’ll have an “About Us” page, so there’s a little room to be “corporate”; but it’s more important to engage your visitors in what you can do for them rather than just what you can do. That’s the best way to convert your visitors to customers!

A Results-based Strategic Plan

With the information you provide us, we will will know how to plan a new website and prepare a strategy that delivers satisfying results for your audience and that will make them return again and recommend you to their family, friends and colleagues. That can be by helping choose the most suitable Christmas gifts or finding the advice they are searching for.

how to plan a new web site

Your plan will contain …

Our fee for the Website Strategic Plan is $190. Any additional research is charged at $50 per hour, based on estimated time required if we both agree further information is required. 

We will issue an invoice after we have assessed your submission, with 50% payment in advance and the balance due on receipt. 

Website Design Principles

Your website design objective is to design a website that allows your target audience to easily perform the functions necessary to achieve the goals related to their visit to your website.

  • Design a website that effectively communicates with your visitors.
  • Supports easy browsing and searching from all device types: desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Encourages repeat visitors.
  • Converts visitors to users, leads or paying customers.

Plan your website in 4 steps

The fundamental approach to how to plan a new website focuses on these aspects:

  1. Understand your starting point
  2. Define your target audience
  3. Clarify their problems
  4. Specify what results you can achieve for them

The following questionnaire intends to capture the essential details to translate this analysis into a plan for your website.

Please be as detailed as possible when filling out this questionnaire. Our strategic advice depends on the quality of the information you can provide.

Once we receive your answers, we will be in touch with you if we require more details about your project.

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Thank you. This is exactly the information needed to know how to plan a new web site well for you. 

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