Prepare your website

Get ready to build a results-based website

What can you do to prepare for your new website design? Once you have filled out our website design questionnaire, we will have a series of meetings so that we can get to know you and your vision for your website, in order to give you an accurate scope and proposal.

There are some things you can gather ahead of time to be ready for those meetings:

  • Your high resolution logo. In today’s online world of scalable graphics, it’s best to start out with the best version of your logo that’s available. 
  • High resolution photos. If you have photos of products, your staff, your office, your building, or even your customers … now is the time to gather them together for use on your website. Product images on a white background work best. Send us image files with the best resolution. If you have large or many files to send us, will provide you with an upload link. 
  • Any website content you may have already written. If you have not written any or it is out of date, then gather any other marketing materials you have used; such as brochures, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Pricing, questionnaires, forms, and offers. All of these will translate over to your website in some way, so have them ready.
  • A list of desired email addresses. Email addresses for management, staff, order processing, customer service, etc.

Would you like to work with us?

It all starts with a no-strings conversation. You get in touch, we ask some preliminary questions, and then, together, we work out if we are a good match and how we can best achieve your goals.

Start with a Strategic Plan

Not ready to jump in at the deep end yet? For a manageable fee, you can commission us to put together a strategic plan that lays out the building blocks of how you should proceed. With us, someone else, or by yourself.

Plan your website strategically with a results-based plan.

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